“At Shiker, we break silos across your Lead to Cash processes”

“We help drive your revenue, profit and customer success through business process consulting, responsible AI, use case identification and implementation.”

Tech Plan

It is noteworthy that a substantial number of large and small organisations still operate as segmented departments resulting in redundant data entries and overlapping processes.

Efficiencies and effectiveness of outputs are hampered leading to lost opportunities in revenue, profit and customer success.

At Shiker we break silos across your lead to cash processes, guide you through a structured yet concise approach to formulate a clear and comprehensive plan of action encompassing the integration of technology, optimisation of processes, alignment of personnel and data ensuring a holistic improvement in your end to end operations.

AI Plan

The advent of AI, particularly Generative AI, has the potential of revolutionising industries and offering vast opportunities for businesses to redefine their end to end operations. 

We help you separate the wheat from the chaff and assist in identifying the right use cases which will be genuinely beneficial to your organization.​We help drive your revenue, profit, and customer success through responsible AI use case identification and implementation.​

Systems Implementation

Digital transformations driven by systems implementations are complex programs involving tech, people, vendors, commercials, processes and business outcomes.​

At Shiker we take a structured but pragmatic approach, driving a single ‘team’ environment and deliver outputs taking an agile approach.​

We have hundreds of years of experience between the consultants in the team, but we are very careful to treat new projects as if it is our first one!​

Tech DD

One of the common mistakes when buying companies is to underestimate the tech debt a company may have, as it may take years to overcome it.​

​Using our experience over the years of Product management, Technology, Commercials and business processes, we have created a Tech Due Diligence framework.​

​Our approach goes right to the details (where the devil is!) and combine a ground up and top down approach​.


Implementing AI within your organization can be a tough exercise as we are at the nascent stage of evolution of Gen AI. ​

​At Shiker, we have a carefully drafted approach to implementing AI starting with multiple pilots, checking acceptance within business/customers and then going for a full implementation.​

​We are very keen on ensuring responsible AI covering areas like integrity, security, bias and hallunication​.

Martech Plan

There is no other business area as profoundly impacted by technology as marketing, this accelerated during COVID and now shooting up with Gen AI.​

At Shiker, we stay on top of the ever-evolving martech stack with both functional and technical angles in mind. ​

We drive a clear prioritised approach so that you get maximum value of higher SQLs (Sales qualified leads) through incremental improvements in your marketing tech stack.

Sourcing Strategy

In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, one of the critical decisions a business faces is when and what to outsource or insource. Building in-house expertise through your own employees enables you to develop internal skills and maintain control over end-to-end processes and systems. However, it can be challenging to retain top talent, especially in specialized areas like data and machine learning.​

The optimal sourcing approach ultimately hinges on your existing strategy, business objectives, and profitability. With our extensive experience in the sourcing domain, we can assist you in crafting a sourcing strategy, preparing RFPs, selecting suitable suppliers, and managing the transition program effectively​.

Process & Technology Consulting