Tech Plan

Tech Plan

A substantial number of large and small organisations still operate as segmented departments resulting in redundant data entries and overlapping processes.

Efficiencies and effectiveness of outputs are hampered leading to lost opportunities in revenue, profit and customer success.
At Shiker we break silos across your lead to cash processes, guide you through a structured yet concise approach to formulate a clear and comprehensive plan of action encompassing the integration of technology, optimisation of processes, alignment of personnel and data ensuring a holistic improvement in your end to end operations.


We take a end to end process approach – Lead to Contract, Contract to Cash and Contract to Fulfilment

Product Roadmap and Market alignment approach

Our approach focuses on close co-operation between Product, R&D, Customer Success and Marketing


  • Website
  • Events
  • Product Marketing
  • Demand generation
  • Campaign management
  • Data capture and reporting
  • MQL management
  • Lead Nurture
  • Existing customers
  • Partner Channel

Business Development

  • PACTT / CHAMP approach maturity
  • Information capture
  • Contact enrichment
  • Outbound pipe generation
  • BDE handover to sales


  • SQL process
  • Process and tool usage clarity
  • Demo environments
  • Sales rigour / cadences
  • Information capture
  • Forecasting
  • Sales enablement
  • CPQ
  • Partner channel


  • Sales order
  • Compliance
  • Contract redlining and negotiation
  • Contract repository
  • ARR database and subscription management
  • Maximise Click wrap usage

The Goal

Base ARR from CRM
+ Innovation
+ Upsell
+ Cloud Migration
-Maintenance reduction
+ forex
= Real /True ARR

Subscription management
is the automated process which ensures the ARR database is updated regularly.

How to Get There

Include all the data fields in the CRM required for ARR calculations, to the extent possible. Align CPQ roadmap to achieve this.

Use reporting tools to bring the datasets together and create reports for various definitions of ARR / NRR,

Ensure separation between operations/data capture layer and reporting layer. Never do data manipulation in reporting layer!​

Best practice: Data to be filled in the CRM by the account exec. Exceptions / non-standard opportunities should go through boundary approvals within the CRM tool.