AI Plan

AI Plan

The advent of AI, particularly Generative AI, has the potential of revolutionising industries and offering vast opportunities for businesses to redefine their end to end operations.

We will help you separate the wheat from the chaff and help identify the right use cases which will be genuinely beneficial to your organisation.​ We help drive your revenue, profit, and customer success through responsible AI use case identification and implementation.​

Generative AI is a game changer, and is knocking on the door of every Tech and Business leader​.

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Value Unlocking

  • We work with key stakeholders to assess their business processes and identify areas of business with maximum potential to gain efficiencies using AI and generative AI. ​
  • We build a strategic roadmap of use cases with surgical precision to help unlock the value trapped in existing business processes.​
  • Our capabilities in this area include Lead to Cash to Customer Success & Hire to Retire​

Value Creation

  • We work with key stakeholders to help them develop, articulate, and implement strategies to transform, scale, or launch products.​
  • We focus on building highly differentiated AI solutions. ​
  • Our capabilities in this area include operating model redesign, new product development, partnering for greenfield product development.

Tech Advisory

  • We work with our clients to assess the maturity of their data and enterprise tech stack for an effective AI implementation. ​
  • We build business cases on insourcing Vs outsourcing of AI tech and deliver either through our partners & provide program management services.

Responsible AI

  • We provide a framework for responsible AI with the proper guardrails and practices to ensure accountability, transparency, fairness & inclusiveness in the AI output. ​
  • We do so by ensuring the proper ethics in algorithms, data, and practice.


Generating value for an educational powerhouse – We were asked to consult on which areas the company should focus on to drive value for customers and shareholders.​

We used our analysis framework above and within weeks were able to present a structured plan to the board.​ As a result of our work, several Pilots were initiated in the areas of parent engagement, creative marketing and Student performance​.

Potential AI Impact


  • Creative marketing
  • Finance and reporting
  • IT and Tech
  • Student recruitment
  • HR, employee engagement


  • Student performance
  • Parent engagement
  • Teacher productivity

Based on the above analysis, the customer chose, creative marketing and parent engagement as potential use cases to drive pilot on.