​Most B2B companies operate similarly and face common challenges, especially in the Lead to Contract, Contract to Fulfilment, and Contract to Cash processes. They struggle to align their tech systems and make the most of them. Improving their overall IT setup is often hampered by a lack of focus, varied skills, and commitment. Without a strong IT platform, integrating acquisitions into the organisation is tough.

Saas & Sizzle Podcasts

Launch Episode

AI is the enigma of modern-day business. Julie Knight (B2B Marketing Leader) & Vikas Goel (SaaS & AI Transformation Advisor) join hands to unravel how business leaders of some of the most successful companies use AI.

Episode 1

We chat with Dan Docherty (VP – Product Marketing at Civica) to learn how a global GovTech B2B SaaS company uses AI to generate and convert leads and how over-obsession with AI can become counterproductive.